Three columns, with links embedded in the headlines.

Radical Kamala Harris should be nowhere near Oval Office (Oct. 8): Vice President Mike Pence “won” the debate Wednesday night, but not by enough to win the election.

Pence needed to pound home the accurate message that people should be frightened of Sen. Kamala Harris being one heartbeat away from the presidency of a doddering old man. Why? Because she is a maliciously partisan California radical with dangerous policies and temperament….

Pence could have honed his case down to three main points and led the debate with them. As in:

No American should want Senator Harris to be a heartbeat from the presidency, because her record is radically outside the American tradition. She holds her positions honestly; I just think they’re wrong. Take just three of many examples. First, she has a weird attraction to street protests, so much so that even as Minneapolis was violently burning, she was threatening (“Beware!,” she said) that the protests would continue all year, beyond the elections, while she personally raised money for a group posting bail even for Minneapolis murderers. Second, she repeatedly has proposed power grabs hostile to American tradition by threatening to kill the Senate filibuster that protects minority rights and to violate 150 years of tradition by adding several new justices to the Supreme Court — deliberately to create a radical majority from thin air.

Third, but definitely not finally, although it’s all I have the time for here, even liberal Newsweek reported that her record was more radical-liberal than socialist Bernie Sanders,

Biden has been wrong for his entire career (Oct. 7): Just for purposes of argument, let’s stipulate that President Trump is a bully, a liar, a racist, a sociopath, and a useful idiot for Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

That still doesn’t absolve the media of its obligation to examine the equally powerful evidence that Joe Biden is a liar, a serial plagiarist, a foreign-policy numbskull, a political coward, and a useful idiot for the radical Left….

Biden’s lies about son Hunter really do matter (Sept. 29) (written during the presidential debate): Joe Biden is flat-out lying when he denies that his son Hunter took a massive payoff from the wife of Moscow’s former mayor and that all the questions about Hunter’s business deals are “totally discredited.”

The record is clear. Hunter Biden did take that money from the woman in Moscow. He did ride with his father on Air Force Two to work on a deal worth up to $1.5 billion with an outfit controlled by the Chinese Communist government, and he did other major deals with outlets with close ties to the People’s Liberation Army. Joe Biden aided and abetted those deals by acting as Hunter’s ferryman.

Why was Hunter on Air Force Two for that trip? What possible purpose was served for the public?….



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