Two pieces against the idea of renominating Joe Biden. (For the full version of each column, follow the link embedded in each headline.)

Biden’s late medical exam is one more reason he shouldn’t run for re-election (Feb. 1): 

President Joe Biden’s shamefully belated full physical exam is now scheduled for Feb. 16, but we need no doctor’s assessment to know, intuitively and by observation, that Biden is too old to run for reelection.

Then again, he was too old to run in 2020, the year he turned 78, just as former President Donald Trump will be too old at 78 to run in 2024. Biden has not been anywhere near the “top of his game,” and the health of the U.S. polity has suffered because of it.

For example, one sign of a sort of sclerosis can be rigidity or lack of flexibility of thought. Well, Biden’s once-storied willingness to bargain with the other party and to engage with the media has almost vanished, and that failure of interactive ability quite arguably has added to the poisonous political atmosphere that undermines public trust in the constitutional system.

Members of the media rightly began asking Biden for an updated physical report around Thanksgiving 2022 since, by then, it had been a full year since the previous time his doctor had insisted, despite appearances to the contrary, that Biden was fit for office. The White House indicated a physical would be conducted and reported by year’s end, and then by the end of January, but it met neither deadline.

The nation needs a Democrat to challenge Biden (Feb. 10): Are would-be Democratic presidential contenders all gutless wonders?

With the prevailing media wisdom being that President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address amounted to a campaign kickoff for reelection in 2024 , one wonders why there’s so little talk of a serious Biden opponent for the Democratic nomination…..


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