(Jan. 20) Exactly a year after President Joe Biden took office, his administration desperately needs a reset. It will help if he begins governing as he promised during his campaign.


On crime in general, Biden’s policies and messaging, along with those of Vice President Kamala Harris, have contributed to a nationwide spike in violence. On education, Biden’s team and its allies have shown hostility to parental control and choice. On religious freedom, on abortion, and on racial and sexual identity politics, the Biden administration has been the furthest to the left in history.

And in foreign affairs, Biden has been utterly disastrous. The bug-out from Afghanistan was the most ignominious retreat in U.S. history, leaving hundreds of people and billions of dollars in military hardware behind, giving carte blanche to the Taliban, and abandoning an air base that should have remained of great utility not just for intelligence and operations against jihadis, but as a check on Chinese and Russian ambitions, too. Biden also did nothing noteworthy to support Cubans rallying for their freedom or to bolster Hong Kong’s independence.And as Russia prepares to invade Ukraine, Biden reacts like a frightened supplicant rather than taking bold action, such as rushing more arms to Ukraine or imposing serious, preemptive sanctions. …

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