(Sept. 26) The crisis at the southern border is not based on an unexpected surprise: this is a pre-planned implementation of Biden’s preferred policy against the desires and interests of most of his countrymen. This violation of norms and the spirit of U.S. immigration laws is destabilizing, and it is nefarious. It warrants a major investigation into who is behind it and why.

By now, the crisis at the U.S. southern border appears not merely incompetent, but downright sinister.

Judging from the performance of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on today’s Fox News Sunday, the Biden administration is far more enthusiastic about admitting illegal immigrants than it is about keeping them out. Host Chris Wallace asked Mayorkas a series of highly pertinent questions that Mayorkas essentially dodged. A number of other questions also raise themselves.

Since Biden’s inauguration day, the president’s entire team has shown no interest in enforcing immigration laws. Biden immediately announced a blatantly illegal six-month suspension of all deportations (a suspension since blocked by federal courts). He also canceled significant funding meant for a border wall, nominated a sanctuary city supporter as head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and repeatedly released illegal immigrants into inland parts of the country while they supposedly await enforcement “proceedings.” Worse, Biden suspended former President Donald Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy and has slow-walked compliance with a Supreme Court order to reinstate it.

The border was overrun with aliens almost immediately, and since Sept. 9 some 30,000 people of Haitian descent have congregated in squalid conditions near the Texas town of Del Rio….

The questions Wallace did not ask include how this torrent of Haitians suddenly joined together to traverse hundreds or (in most cases) thousands of miles to reach the U.S. border. Who organized them? Who paid for their transportation and sustenance? And why, with all the technology available, weren’t Biden officials able to see this huge caravan coming for weeks, thus to prevent them from actually crossing the Rio Grande in the first place, or to secure the government of Mexico’s help in doing so?…. [The full column is at this this link.]


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