There’s not much the Biden administration has done that is praiseworthy, but the second piece below sorta-kinda makes up for the first one. On the other three topics, the president strikes out. (Links to full columns embedded in each headline.)

Biden administration lets foreign nations corrupt our colleges (Oct. 19): Confucius says the Biden administration seems not to care about corrupt foreign influences on American society.

Alas, that’s no joke .

Biden’s Education Department plans to end all remaining investigations into foreign donations to American universities, even as experts say China continues to use “Confucius Institutes,” Chinese-backed cultural centers on college campuses, for academic and economic espionage and intellectual property theft….

At long last, Justice Department breaks some China (Oct. 24): The Justice Department and FBI today took a praiseworthy step in finally cracking down on espionage and other nefarious behavior by the People’s Republic of China.

After two years of disappointing or downright abusive behavior on multiple fronts , Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray got this one right. Kudos to them….

Biden’s deficits are an absolute disaster (Oct. 12): While the Biden administration brags that it “cut” the federal government’s annual deficit in half in the fiscal year 2022, the reality is that the $1.4 trillion deficit is not a triumph but a travesty.

The “decline” in the deficit reported on Oct. 11 comes despite, not because of, any of Joe Biden’s actions as president. And the remaining deficit’s size remains gargantuan and grotesque….

One Democrat tells truth that Biden’s border is a disaster zone (Oct. 23): Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas essentially called Vice President Kamala Harris a liar on Fox News Sunday this morning, and he’s right.

A month ago, Harris absurdly claimed the U.S. border with Mexico is “secure,” and the White House ever since then has insistently repeated this flagrant lie.

Cuellar, who claims to be a conservative despite a paltry 7% rating from the American Conservative Union in 2020, corrected the record Sunday by saying the obvious, namely that the border “is not secure.” ….

Biden treats abortion as a specially favored societal good (Oct. 20):

With astonishing remarks in an Oct. 18 interview, President Joe Biden has fully entered a morally degenerate realm in which abortion is seen not merely as a legal option but as a public good.

Biden would pursue this twisted idea by treating abortion not just as ordinary healthcare , itself obviously a controversial stance, but as a privileged procedure meriting extraordinary support….


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