Two pieces on the truth about balloting. (Links to full columns embedded in the headlines.]

There were 16 million (!!!) ballots that were mysteries in 2020 (Aug. 18): A new report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a conservative group specializing in voting laws, makes abundantly clear why widespread mail-in balloting is a horrible idea.

In sum, election officials nationwide mailed out 14.7 million ballots in 2020 that, one way or another, went unaccounted for. And that’s just the start of the problems.

PILF mined numbers compiled by the federal Election Assistance Commission , an entirely neutral outfit set up by Congress to provide voting guidelines and a clearinghouse for election information and statistics. The numbers are reported to the EAC by the states themselves, and PILF did no extrapolations of its own. In other words, these are not biased guesstimates but hard numbers, virtually irrefutable.

By “unaccounted for,” PILF means that EAC reports the ballots “were not returned as voted, were undeliverable, or were otherwise ‘unable to be tracked.’” Nobody knows whether someone actually tried to vote with those ballots only for the Postal Service to lose them or whether would-be voters decided not to bother or whether the ballots were mishandled by “ballot harvesters” (including well-intentioned ones) or whether some were part of a fraud scheme….

Actually, Georgia is a very easy place to vote (Aug. 23): More proof emerged last week that the establishment media lied earlier this year in “reporting” that Georgia was making it harder for minorities to vote.

Some day, Georgia will get its good reputation back, but it will never get back the money it lost when Major League Baseball moved its All-Star Game from majority-black Atlanta to overwhelmingly white Denver.

Perhaps Georgia should sue MLB for breach of contract.

Federal election data released late last week showed that just shy of an astonishing 95% of Georgia citizens aged 18 or older are registered to vote . And of the remaining few hundred thousand who aren’t registered, two-thirds of them are ineligible anyway because they are serving felony sentences — a restriction imposed by 48 of the 50 states…..


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