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  • Reepicheep What You Row

    Reepicheep What You Row

    It might be the best movie line of the year: “Unhand the tail!” So said the two-foot mouse, Reepicheep, rapier drawn in menacing fashion, to the prig Eustace Scrubb near […]

  • Radio Interviews

    The Media and DOJ’s Bias in the Black Panther Case Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) Interview Audio Quin Hillyer, senior editorial writer at the Washington Times and senior editor of […]

  • TV Appearances

    DOD Military Ballot Law Waiver Quin Hillyer on America’s News HQ 8/29/10 Interview

  • Washington Times Editorials

    Washington Times Editorials are the official position of the publication as a whole and thus represent not an individual’s view but a collective viewpoint. Editorials included here were ones primarily […]

  • American Spectator Columns

    Panther Case: No Shot in the Dark October 4, 2010 Pence and Santorum: Thought Leaders September 23, 2010 Conservative Principles Win September 17, 2010 Young Americans, Old Freedoms September 10, […]

  • Washington Times Columns

    Washington Times Columns by Quin Hillyer Scooter Libby, on the record Published November 17 2010 Hypocrisy in Democrat’s whining Published September 30 2010 Tim Scott’s freedom fries Published August 6 […]

  • Washington Examiner Columns

    Quin-Essential Cases: Too much foreign law over-riding U.S. law April 14, 2009 Washington Examiner Archived Column by Quin Hillyer Quin-essential Cases:Why can’t we decline Medicare benefits? By: Quin Hillyer Associate […]


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