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  • My Interview with Scott Walker

    My Interview with Scott Walker

    At National Review Online today, I interview Scott Walker about his new health-care proposal, released just this week. It’s a good plan. It provides portable, refundable tax credits for health […]

  • Trump Coming to Mobile

    Trump Coming to Mobile

    by Quin Hillyer As Donald Trump brings his humbug show to Mobile — please, don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain — the excellent John Sharp of […]

  • Sunday Reflections: Solomonic Virtue

    Sunday Reflections: Solomonic Virtue

    Today’s readings can be found in Track One, here. I’d like to focus on two short passages. First, from Kings, the request from Solomon to God: “Give your servant therefore […]

  • Who Do I Like for President?

    Who Do I Like for President?

    Everywhere I go, people immediately ask me who I’m supporting for president. I think it is far too early for most of us to be making a firm commitment, when […]

  • Roundup: Down with Bush AND Trump

    Roundup: Down with Bush AND Trump

    Today, we return, after a hiatus, with a roundup of other interesting articles. Again, I do not necessarily endorse the ideas therein. Enjoy! — Quin Discrimination and Hypocrisy at Yale […]

  • The True Trump is a Gimpy Vamp

    The True Trump is a Gimpy Vamp

    By Quin Hillyer Donald Trump’s manhood is obviously in bankruptcy. Fox News host Megyn Kelly is no shrinking violet, but really: If Trump can’t handle her perfectly legitimate, straightforward questions […]

  • Obama Muzzles Watchdogs

    Obama Muzzles Watchdogs

    When the very watchdogs put in place to keep government accountable are severely muzzled by that same government, the slide towards despotism becomes an avalanche. With that basic principle in […]


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