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  • The Muslim Elephant, Acknowledged

    The Muslim Elephant, Acknowledged

    When the establishment media so often tries to turn attention away from the reality that much of the world’s terrorism is perpetrated by Muslims in the name of their religion, […]

  • Sunday Reflections: Advent

    Sunday Reflections: Advent

    This week’s readings are, as one obviously would expect on the first Sunday of Advent, full of a sense of anticipation. The interesting question is: anticipation of (or for)¬†what? These […]

  • Don’t Forget to Give Thanks

    Don’t Forget to Give Thanks

    Amidst the turkey and football and the pumpkin pie (or whatever else you indulge in),¬†please remember that today is both a day of faith and a day of patriotism. This […]

  • Prichard Prep Gains National Attention

    Prichard Prep Gains National Attention

    (NOTE: On Monday, Fox News followed up Ben Carson’s visit to Mobile last week with a segment featuring Mobile County’s Prichard Prep School, bringing more, and well-merited, attention to this […]

  • A Saintly Prediction

    A Saintly Prediction

    Sorry, but I can’t stay away from sports. Knowing I’ll regret this — indeed, in a site for writing, this isn’t even writing; it’s just kibitzing — let me make […]

  • Sunday Reflections, November 22: Truth

    Sunday Reflections, November 22: Truth

    On the feast day celebrated by many denominations as Christ the King day, the Gospel (John 18:33-37) contains the famous exchange in which Pilate questions Jesus about his alleged kingship […]


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