Herein, five columns on various aspects affecting the November elections, or broader politics. [Link to full column embedded in each headline.]

Romney should endorse Lee in Utah Senate race (Oct. 12):  Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah is ill-serving his party, his state, and his nation by staying neutral in the race for Utah’s other Senate seat.

The incumbent is the thoughtful and solidly conservative Republican Mike Lee, a Reaganite constitutional scholar who clerked for superstar Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. The challenger is shape-shifting “independent” Evan McMullin, who has the official endorsement of the Utah Democratic Party.

Romney claims to be a “good friend” of both candidates, so he is endorsing neither. This is specious. On both philosophical grounds and because of the considerations he owes his party and his country, Romney should see a duty to help his fellow incumbent Republican….

Defending my Romney-Lee column, and defending Lee himself (Oct. 18):

Sometimes a column draws enough furious response that it requires a follow-up. Such was the case with my piece last week opining that Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) should endorse his colleague Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) for reelection. Most critics missed the specificity of the opinion….here’s the rub: Even before the Capitol riot, Lee decided Eastman and Trump were wrong, and he refused to do anything to implement their plans….

Fetterman should not be in Senate [Written BEFORE the debate.] (Oct. 14): Republicans have put up (and even elected) a bevy of awful federal candidates this year and in the recent past, but none of them are any more unfit for office than Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman of Pennsylvania. With all due sympathy for a man recovering from a stroke, it must be said: Fetterman was a ludicrous candidate even before his stroke, and now he shouldn’t even be in the race….

Liz Cheney is right, but offers too little context (Oct. 23): Almost everything U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said Sunday on Meet the Press was on target, as are most things she says in general. Unfortunately, Cheney also leaves unsaid plenty that she really ought not to ignore….

Pence needed to do more with his speech at Georgetown (Oct. 21): Former Vice President Mike Pence needs to raise his game…. [Note: I have since learned that earlier in the same day, Pence made a much bolder and more substantive speech at the Heritage Foundation.]…




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