Alabama’s Kay Ivey saves pre-schoolers from radical indoctrination (April 22):  Good for Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey for insisting that her state’s teacher preparation materials for early-childhood education not focus on “woke” obsessions about race and gender.

When Ivey was shown materials from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, an accrediting agency whose work is being used as a basis for Alabama education, she was appalled and ordered the NAEYC materials pulled. …

Of course Louisiana GOP did not say colleges shouldn’t discuss racism (April 22, Despite earlier reporting, the Louisiana Republican Party did not pass a resolution last weekend to “forbid the study of racism at colleges and universities.” More broadly, national reporting on “diversity, equity, and inclusion” efforts and on critical race theory consistently misrepresents the true target of conservative opposition….

 Put some of these college radicals in prison, please (April 18): Tear gas. Rubber bullets. Expulsions, arrests, prosecutions, and prison time.

Authorities should use whatever lawful methods are necessary to stop low-life rowdies from shouting down, shutting down, or using violence at college speaking events. Crack down. Hard.

Violence shut down urban streets April 18 as part of protests against a University of Pittsburgh forum on “transgender rights” featuring libertarian Brad Polumbo and traditionalist Michael Knowles. Polumbo, a former colleague at the Washington Examiner, tweeted that the event itself proceeded appropriately (except for one early disturbance ) but that the protesters who “set off fireworks in the street” need to “grow the hell up.”….

Planned Parenthood tells toddlers to respect prostitution (April 17): Why are so many leftists obsessed with sexualizing children? And why are so many of them intent on normalizing sexual behavior that for millennia has been verboten?

Planned Parenthood is combining these intentions by teaching very young children that what long has been prohibited should actually be seen as normal….

Biden advocates dystopia where government, not parents, control children (April 24): …“There’s no such thing as someone else’s child,” said the president. “No such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children.” He is frighteningly wrong…..


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