from Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post;

There is great confusion in the GOP ranks and the media about the likelihood of a third candidate running. Multiple sources confirm there are several groups with access to funding, in communication with one another, working on a third-party run. It is not, as commonly argued, all that difficult to get on ballots in most every state. “The process is complex but not hard,” says longtime GOP operative Rick Wilson, who is involved in such efforts. “All the steps are explicable, and the lawyers know how to get it home. Even in ballot access states due in May, there are legal hacks around it.”….



“An independent race is more doable than conventional wisdom has it, and lots of different individuals and groups are working or are ready to work on aspects of it,” says one of the most prominent backers of a third candidate, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol. “What’s really needed — in a way, all that’s really needed — is a candidate to jell around.”….

For the rest of this column, please read hereJen Rubin does a superb job explaining it all.


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