In this hodgepodge of pieces, follow the link in each headline, please.

A U.N. mandate should provide troops to protect Kyiv and Odesa (April 6)

….Some of us don’t have much use for the United Nations, but if there were ever occasion for one of the U.N.’s two primary aims — namely, collective defense of sovereign territory — Russia’s brutal and utterly unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is it. Russia is so obviously violating all international norms and all semblance of civilized behavior that the rest of the world, not just Europe, should unite against it…..

Democrats should let facts, not a criminal referral, make the case against Trump (April 11)

House Democrats ignore science by legalizing marijuana (April 1)

House GOP campaign manifesto lacks anti-bureaucratic oomph (March 28)

Don’t let the Marines be gutted in reorganization (March 28)

The Pentagon, President Joe Biden, and Congress should all pay heed to former Navy Secretary James Webb’s warnings that the Marine Corps is being unwisely gutted .

Webb, who was a Democratic U.S. senator for six years, wrote in the Wall Street Journal on March 26 that the Marine Corps commandant, Gen. David Berger, is eliminating three Marine infantry battalions , downsizing the numbers within the remaining 21, eliminating 25% of the reserve component infantry battalions and every last tank in the Corps, and substantially reducing the number of helicopter squadrons….

Liberal media refuse to see Joe Biden’s involvement in son Hunter’s sleaze (April 7)

This Masters tourney was a tale of two winners (April 10)

Come for the chicken and fill up your tank! (April 7) [EDITOR’S NOTE: For what it’s worth, this one has some fun wordplay.]

Judge Brown Jackson seems to oppose the Declaration of Independence. What this means and why it matters. (April 5)

The Senate should not confirm Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson because she does not believe in the Declaration of Independence.

Credit to Ed Whelan of the Ethics and Public Policy Center for catching a worrisome exchange on this topic on page 79 of Jackson’s response to written questions . It’s part of a disturbing trend on the political Left, but Jackson’s response is probably the clearest example of it in judicial nominations to date….



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