From blasting the FBI to praising President Trump for health policy, to baying at the moon, Quin had thirteen other pieces in the past two weeks at the Washington Examiner that you might want to read, even though they aren’t highlighted above. Follow the links in each headline below.

FBI’s riot-gear raid of Roger Stone: dangerous, unnecessary (Jan. 25)

Howling at the ‘super wolf blood moon’ (Jan. 25)

For GOP, big spending is awful politics (Jan. 24)

Senate cravenly refuses to punish Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker (Jan. 23)

Trump deserves credit for health policy improvements–1/23

How Senate GOP can overcome Dem nominations blockade (Jan. 22)

AEI puts poverty fighting at center of conservatism (Jan. 21)

Beto O’Rourke’s remarks deserve a response (Jan. 16)

Maryland’s Larry Hogan is a good governor, but no superhero (Jan 16)

Congress should restrict national orders from district judges (Jan. 15)

A good thing that IRS is paying for harm to conservative orgs (Jan. 15)

Stop twisting college writings to attack qualified nominees (Jan. 14)

During Shutdown, Senate should have been confirming Trump’s nominees (Jan. 14)


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