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  • Roundup: Lotsa good stuff!

    Roundup: Lotsa good stuff!

    On 11 states rightly suing against Obama’s bathroom directive to schools (and why the heck do the feds have ANYthing to do with such things?)….. New Orleanian and GOP stalwart […]

  • Hillyer, twice, on Trump developments

    Hillyer, twice, on Trump developments

    Excerpt: …..Republicans, especially delegates, have every right not just to ask for, but to demand, the release of the returns before the convention. With a crew of Lois Lerners running […]

  • Roundup: A smorgasbord

    Roundup: A smorgasbord

    This roundup will be abbreviated, to save time and space, this time without the author’s names listed. But follow the links for very good reading. Fred Barnes reminds us that Hillary […]

  • A viable alternative to Trump and Clinton

    A viable alternative to Trump and Clinton

    from Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post; There is great confusion in the GOP ranks and the media about the likelihood of a third candidate running. Multiple sources confirm there are […]

  • Conservatives STILL Against Trump

    Conservatives STILL Against Trump

    FYI: Conservatives Against Trump React to Indiana Primary Results May 3, 2016   “Conservatives Against Trump are dismayed at tonight’s result, but not deterred. Polling continues to show that a […]

  • Indiana can, and should, stop Trump

    Indiana can, and should, stop Trump

    from Quin: Indiana’s primary Tuesday is shaping up as a do-or-die stand by Ted Cruz if he is to keep Donald Trump from hijacking a Republican Party whose positions he […]


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