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  • Roy Moore’s own words condemn him

    Roy Moore’s own words condemn him

    Even if we don’t know for certain whether Roy Moore had sexual contact (of a sort) with 14-year-old Leigh Corfman, we now know that Moore has made a conscious decision […]

  • Liberty Headlines: Conservative court victories?

    Liberty Headlines: Conservative court victories?

    Two Stories by Quin Hillyer at Liberty Headlines; Conservative court picks getting confirmed (published Nov. 1): After complaints from conservative movement leaders about U.S. Senate inactivity, the Senate is moving resolutely this week […]

  • Is Roy Moore vulnerable to a Democrat?

    Is Roy Moore vulnerable to a Democrat?

    Special to this web site by Quin Hillyer; Completely setting aside the question of which of the two Republican candidates in Alabama’s special election would make a better U.S. Senator, […]

  • Don’t vote for Luther Strange today

    Don’t vote for Luther Strange today

    Note from Quin: Alas, just as I finished a lengthy note about today’s special election for the U.S. Senate, my hand somehow brushed an unknown button somewhere on my keyboard […]

  • McConnell Overplays Hand in Bama Senate Race

    McConnell,Mitch-012309-18422-jf 0024

    By Quin Hillyer at The Washington Examiner; MOBILE, Ala. – When last we visited the Alabama special election for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it already […]

  • Trip Pittman for Senate?

    Trip Pittman for Senate?

    By Quin Hillyer, a personal note, not “journalism.” For months now I’ve been puzzling over the choice facing Alabamans in the August 15 special election for U.S. Senate. As a […]

  • Jeff Sessions did very well at Senate hearing

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) makes opening remarks to a panel of Department of Homeland Security officials John Wagner, deputy assistant commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Office of Field Operations; Anh Duong, director of Border and Maritime Division of Homeland Security's Advanced Research Projects Agency; Craig Healy, assistant director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's National Security Investigations Division; and Rebecca Gambler,director of Homeland Security and Justice Issues of the U.S. Government Accountability Office, as they testify about the unimplemented biometric exit tracking system before the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2016. (CBP Photo by Glenn Fawcett)

    By Quin Hillyer at the Washington Examiner; Attorney General Jeff Sessions acquitted himself quite well in testimony Tuesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The focus on Sessions, in relation to […]


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