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  • Worries about how the Saints drafted

    Worries about how the Saints drafted

    By Quin Hillyer; Consider me concerned about what the Saints did in last weekend’s draft. It’s not that they failed to get good athletes with some excellent football skills. They […]

  • Of Saints… and Eggs

    Of Saints… and Eggs

    (By Quin): Wow, do I have egg on my face! After last week so confidently predicting the New Orleans Saints would find a way to make the playoffs, I probably […]

  • Saints Alive!

    Saints Alive!

    Call me crazy, but I hereby predict that the New Orleans Saints will make the playoffs this year. They will win all four remaining games in the regular season, including […]

  • A Saintly Prediction

    A Saintly Prediction

    Sorry, but I can’t stay away from sports. Knowing I’ll regret this — indeed, in a site for writing, this isn’t even writing; it’s just kibitzing — let me make […]

  • Roundup: Ryan, Biden, Santorum, and More

    Roundup: Ryan, Biden, Santorum, and More

    How Paul Ryan Got from ‘Never’ to ‘All In’ for Speaker, by Tim Alberta; The Ryan Revolution, by Matthew Continetti; Paul Ryan Will Be a Transformational Speaker, by John Hart; […]

  • Roundup: Katrina Trumps Other News

    Roundup: Katrina Trumps Other News

    We start our roundup today, the day before the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall, with several pieces providing needed perspective on the storm and its aftermath. First, Scott McKay […]


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