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  • In Bama, scandal finally finds a Democrat

    In Bama, scandal finally finds a Democrat

    Here’s the whole article. For the first several paragraphs, here you go: (Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) It’s not just Republicans getting caught up in scandals in Alabama’s state government. Now, after the […]

  • Bama’s Continuing Political Saga…

    Bama’s Continuing Political Saga…

    Not one but two pieces — one a straight-news roundup, one an opinion piece — on various aspects of Alabama’s ongoing political soap opera.  — Quin Hillyer 1. [Straight news […]

  • Alabama GOP riven by scandals

    Alabama GOP riven by scandals

    (Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) With Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley earning international headlines by resigning Monday in the wake of a scandal involving sex, misreporting of campaign finances, and multiple allegations of misuse […]

  • Bentley is right: Don’t tax groceries

    Bentley is right: Don’t tax groceries

    By Quin Hillyer at; Amidst the appearance of tawdriness surrounding Gov. Robert Bentley, it’s easy not to notice when he does something right. The governor, though, deserves great credit […]

  • Strange appointment still reeks


    The appearance of a major conflict of interest, and of at least fudging the terms of what could be a criminal investigation, continues to haunt newly appointed U.S. Sen. Luther […]


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