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  • The week in protests

    The week in protests

    Actually, two weeks. Here in Mobile, in DC, in numerous airports, and at Berkeley, people have lost a sense of what is a legitimate public protest and what is an […]

  • Roundup: Iraq, Jeff Sessions, Gorsuch, and more

    Roundup: Iraq, Jeff Sessions, Gorsuch, and more

    Several interesting pieces to read: First, Soon-to-be U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is often criticized by libertarians. Columnist Deroy Murdock is an outspoken libertarian. But Murdock comes rushing to Sessions’ […]

  • Defending George Will

    Defending George Will

    By Quin Hillyer at The American Spectator blog; For well over a year now, I’ve noticed a strange and disturbing phenomenon: Almost without exception, leading writers and analysts who are […]

  • Meese praises Pryor

    Meese praises Pryor

    By Quin Hillyer at NRO’s The Corner; In one of the most bizarre bits of right-wing paranoia in years, a small group of otherwise thoughtful Christian conservatives have been spending […]

  • Deroy Murdock: How to Replace Obamacare

    Deroy Murdock: How to Replace Obamacare

    My good friend Deroy Murdock wrote a brilliant column the other day about how to replace Obamacare. It’s well worth a read. (Follow the link.)  — Quin Here’s an excerpt: […]


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