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  • Jeff Sessions Trumps the NAACP

    Jeff Sessions Trumps the NAACP

    By Quin Hillyer published at National Review Online, Jan. 5; Mobile, Ala. — When national and local NAACP leaders staged a sit-in here in Senator Jeff Sessions’s Mobile office, they […]

  • Trump can learn from Mobile, Alabama

    Trump can learn from Mobile, Alabama

    By Quin Hillyer at National Review Online; When President-elect Trump returns Saturday to Mobile, Ala., famously the site of his first campaign mega-rally, he has a chance not just to […]

  • Stone cold analysis of my NASA piece

    Stone cold analysis of my NASA piece

    My good friend Steve Stone sent this thoughtful reply, below, to my last week’s column on NASA. It’s fascinating stuff, especially about space radiation. — Quin …. In response to your […]

  • NASA needs a star

    NASA needs a star

    by Quin Hillyer at; As Donald Trump builds his Cabinet, too little public attention has focused on the quasi-Cabinet-level position of Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration […]

  • A cornucopia of faith

    A cornucopia of faith

    Does God intend for us to suffer, or does he at least countenance the suffering? Are faith and science naturally at odds? In terms of our daily lives, what good […]


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